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We can give your resume a permanent place to stay. So put down your resume at our website and tell the world where to get it. Add simple text formatted resume to any website and mark it to us:

"For a latest, update and well formatted copy of this resume, visit"

Here is a sample, if you want If you want, I can even password protect your resume so only the concerned people can open it (Rs.30 one time extra for this).

Like it? Here is what you need to do:

1. Click on the Paypal icon below and use your Paypal account to pay me Rs.250 (refundable). Or, email me at to find out how to send me a draft/cheque.

2. Send us an email with the details of the payment and your resume (in MS Word format, or HTML and images) not exceeding 250KB.

3. Wait for your resume to be published within a day or two!

We will send you an email with the location of your resume. Sounds simple? It really is.

Other details:

1. Once you make the payment to me, you can ask for my contact number (send me an email) and you can talk to me. If you do not like the details, you can ask for refund until the resume is published.

2. You can ask for refund of Rs.150 within five days of the resume being published if you do not like the service.

3. Resume will be available online for a period of three months, after which unless you renew by paying the amount again, it will no longer be available. God willing you would have found your ideal job by then.

4. If any changes to the resume are made during the three-month period, a nominal maintenance charge of Rs.50 will need to be paid towards my Internet access charge.

That's it. No legal small print. Hope to see your email.

For a limited time and based on availability, we can even provide an email ID like This email Id will redirect all emails to the email ID you provide. Once you get the job, you can get this email ID deactivated (or it will expire in three months) and then you will no longer get these emails. So for example, your real email ID is, all emails sent to will be automatically go to for the period your resume is hosted with us (Rs.10 extra for email).